Cashon: an online business that is established to provide financial help to the people.

Our aim is to make sure that money keep circulating within the economy, by taking

From those that save to those that invest in other to encourage small business to keep

On functioning without running out of cash.

Cashon also aimed at making his users financially independent, as soon as you invest

in us you will no longer depend on somebody  for your financial help, because when you

invest 10,000 into cashon, you get 100% of it which is 20,000, naira within the range of two(2)to four(4)days.And when you invest 50,000, you get 100% of it also which is 100,000 naira within the range of four(4) to ten(10)days.

Be rest assured that you will get back the money that you have invested in cashon as at when due.

Because we have come to do everything possible to put a smile on your face, cashon is not a scam,

It is real, and by the special grace of God anybody who invested his or her hard earned resources must

Surely get it back with the percentage attached to it. Cashon is not established to scam people, instead

to put a smile on the faces of people that must have lost their hard earned resources from one online business or another.

Cashon has gone to the extent of providing you with a platform in which you can view the current news

All over the world, all you have to do is to navigate on the information menu, a drop down list will appear, then you click on news and select anyone you want to read.

You see how awesome cashon can be?

Try cashon and you will be glad to have invested in us.   


Warning: do not provide help when you don’t have your money at hand.

Endeavour to make payment to whom you  are merged to pay within the stipulated time in other to avoid being removed out of the system.

Endeavour to confirm the person that has paid you immediately you receive the payment confirmation from your bank, failure to do so, you will be barn from the system.

 Make sure you provide accurate personal information, because cashon will not be held responsible for any misinformation on the part of the User.
any act of fraud, e.g. uploading of a fake receipt when you are asked to do so by the ADMIN, or any of such will lead to closing of such account.

Abide by cashon rules and regulations, and you will not regret  embarking  on business with us.

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